This weekend is the Fourth of July. That means tons of grilling going on. I love grilling. barbecuing is part of my life at our home. This weekend I will fire up the great grill my wife, stepson and step daughter bought for my birthday. Many people around the world have so many secrets on how to grill.

Some people like charcoal, some people like gas. I use charcoal. Many people have developed many potions of sauces and meat rubs. My secret changes every time I grill. There is nothing in this world better than grilled food, except Italian food. Every thing is better grilled. This weekend people across the world will be grilling, steaks, burgers, dogs, brats, fish, chicken, vegetables, and maybe spaghetti.

Now, I will ask all of you how do you grill and what do you like to grill. Do you like gas, charcoal, or both? Do you use sauces, rubs or both? Grilling is part of peoples lives all over the world. Do you marinate your food and have a favorite butcher? My favorite thing about grilling is having family and friends crush the food I grill. So, if you want to reveal some of your stories and secrets that's in your grilling wheel house lets hear them.