I don’t know about you, but growing up I loved to go to ballgames as a fan. Some people will even go to every Major League Stadium in one entire season. That’s crazy! So let me list some of the best stadiums that I have ever been to.

First of all, the best stadium hands down has to be old Tiger Stadium. My parents took me in 1967 to see the Kansas City A’s. That was my first time, and it was memorable. Tiger Stadium has been gone for many years now. I really like Comerica Park too, but it’s not Tiger Stadium.

I love Wrigley Field in Chicago and liked where the White Sox play also. That stadium is called U.S. Cellular Field. I have gone to games in San Diego, to the old Jack Murphy Stadium. I've also gone to a game in LA where the Angels played many years ago.

My wife and I saw the Marlins play the Tigers in their stadium in downtown Miami. There were live roosters walking in the parking lot.

I have watched NFL games at the old Pontiac Silverdome and Ford Field. I have watched college football at Spartan Stadium, The Big House, CMU, EMU, WMU and Notre Dame. People used to love going to games live. But, even before the pandemic, these games were priced much too high for individuals and families, so many people weren't able to go to these stadiums and watch the games in person.

That is definitely a sticking point. Like I said, I used to love to go to games but things always change. These new stadiums are cavernous and really pricey. I watched the Tigers win the World Series in 1984. That was unbelievable! I have seen great games and great players. So, what’s your favorite stadium that you have ever been to a game at?

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