The only professional sports all-star games that are worth watching are MLB’s in the mid-summer months. I’ve tried for years, but the rest aren’t worth the time. The NFL’s are the worst by far.

But, with my affection for baseball, I’ve always loved watching the MLB All-Star game. There have been so many different All-Star game special moments, so it’s hard to decide on one favorite.

The 91st annual Midsummer Classic will be held tomorrow at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. There have been so many special moments, that it’s almost impossible to nail down just one or two. I would say my top highlight would be “Mr. October” Reggie Jackson of the Oakland A’s at that time’s mammoth home run.

It was 1971 and the All-Star game was in Detroit at the old Tiger Stadium. It was the first time two black pitchers faced each other in an All-Star game ever. The pitcher starting for the National League was the late Doc Ellis of the Pittsburgh Pirates versus the American League’s starter Vida Blue of the Oakland A’s. So, Doc Ellis grooved a pitch to Reggie Jackson and he just crushed the pitch that hit the light transformer in right field.

They say it possibly could have been the longest home run ever hit in Tiger Stadium. Jackson just put an unbelievable charge into that baseball.

That year Frank Robinson of the Baltimore Orioles was the MVP.

I will definitely watch the All-Star game on Tuesday night. The game was originally set for Atlanta, but MLB changed it. There have been so many rule changes also in All-Star games that it’s hard to keep track. I have to go with the American League because of my fondness for the Tigers, Yankees, and A’s.

What would you say is your favorite memory from an MLB All-Star game? You can watch my pick for the best moment below.

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