Well, summer is almost here.Where are you going this summer? Many people will flock to all the beaches in our great lakes state. Michigan is one of the greatest destinations in our country for summer fun. There is Higgins, Black, Torch, Houghton,and many great lakes in this state.

I really love Traverse City in the summer. My parents would take me there every summer growing up. It is a fabulous town in this country. Traverse City has grown so much in the past 50 years it's amazing. There is a great beach, wine tasting at vineyards, awesome fishing, water sports and just an excellent downtown area. If you have never gone to Traverse City, do yourself a favor and get there.

But you and your family might choose another destination. Like driving around the country, Las Vegas, Florida, Canada, Europe, or somewhere special. I used to make a pilgrimage every summer to Vegas, but not anymore -- it's too hectic.

My wife Carole and I will be celebrating our second anniversary on the first day of summer. That will always be a special day. It's on June 21st. My wife and I traveled to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for our honeymoon and it was perfect. Great golfing, fishing and scenery.

Where is your great destination for the summer?