All I want to know is when is the casino going to be built in Lansing?

This is absolutely an all-win situation for everyone. Our community, tourism, new jobs, economic growth and will all flourish. There are pundits and possible pitfalls with a new casino in the capital city. But these can be worked out in the long run. I have been a Lansing resident my entire life and saw the automotive industry almost die here. But it didn't because of belief and hard work.

Lansing has really started to grow and turn around in the past few years. This is only the beginning to some really great things for the people of this area. Some people feel this city doesn't need a casino because we already have them in Mt. Pleasant, Battle Creek, Detroit, and up north. Yeah, well this is the capital city. This is the perfect opportunity for positive growth.

The knock on a new casino in Lansing is that it's not necessary. Or that other businesses will suffer. Or that the downtown area isn't the right place for a casino. I really have to scratch my head when I hear negative comments from uninformed people. Bottom line is, this downtown would flourish and grow with a new casino.

Let's get this done soon.