Are you an intense baseball fan like I am? Well, if you are, you're wondering if there is going to be a season after all. All sports were put on hold like a pause button. But Major League Baseball says they're coming back the week of the Forth of July.

This is how it’s going to be set up. Each team will be in a territorial division. There are thirty teams, and there will be three divisions with ten teams in each. There will be a universal designated hitter and it will be inter-league play. The season would consist of an 82 game schedule, no All-Star game but there will be postseason play to see who wins the World Series. Now, the tough part, will they play at all?

Why you ask? Because of the money situation. The players and owners originally agreed to a pro-rated pay scale in March. But, things changed and now there will be no fans allowed in the ballparks.

This means no fans, no concession stands and vendors. So, the owners have already agreed to a 50-50 split with the money. But, because of Covid-19 the players could be exposed. The ballparks would be sanitized every day and players would be tested for Coronavirus multiple times in a week. The players don’t like that the owners changed the original agreement, so they're mulling this over another week.

If they decline it, there might not be baseball at all. But I feel that there will be a resolution and both parties will come to a mutual agreement. You have to take under heavy scrutiny their Collective Bargaining Agreement comes up in 2021. Also, if they give in to the owners' wishes, this would be like a de facto salary cap. There is no salary cap in baseball and the players don’t want that. So all I can say is let's work this out and play ball.

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