Remember a great college player named Johnny Manziel? He just dropped off the face of the planet. He was an unbelievably gifted athlete out of the state of Texas. He attended Texas A&M and took the nation by storm with his play on the gridiron. He absolutely dominated.

His nickname was Johnny Football, and he became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy and other glorious awards. But he couldn’t deal with fame and fortune. The weekend of the National College Championship, Manziel autographed over 40 artifacts for sale with a memorabilia company. At first, he said he didn’t accept payments for the autographs, and the NCAA did not have enough evidence to prove that he accepted money. But he reached an agreement with Texas A&M and they suspended him for the first half of their season opener.

Johnny Manziel was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2014 and played for them for one year. He ended up playing with a few other teams outside of the NFL. Manziel’s life turned into a complete train wreck. There were numerous arrests for many different charges. He was an egomaniac and couldn’t handle the big time.

Johnny Football was great in college and smelled in the pros. His had a bad attitude as well. A ton of talent was wasted on partying and treating people poorly. He thought he would dominate professional football, and it dominated him.

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