Not even halfway into the season, Piston fans are probably already looking to give up on the year. Sitting at an abysmal 5-25 record, the Pistons are dead last in the NBA and will more than likely have the number one pick...again.

When the Pistons drafted Cade Cunningham, no one expected things to get magically better. Growing pains were expected and patience was probably allowed. What we have seen so far is, well, just awful—there is no sugar-coating it.

So what is the problem? Cunningham has shown signs of promise. He of course has a long way to go, but the future is bright with him here. However, besides Cunningham, the Pistons are dead last in the NBA in the offense. So where do you go from here? Sure, you have one piece of your future, but you need more. The question is where to look. Free agency may be a stretch. What free agent is going to want to come here? Nothing about the Pistons looks appealing, for now at least.

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So the next obvious choice is the NBA draft. Which unless there is a big change in the second half of the season, Detroit is a lottery pick yet again. As it stands right now, there is a good chance it will be number one yet again. There has been no stand-out superstar thus far in the NCAA. There are, however, some good players to draft. The two biggest names are Palolo Bachero of Duke and Chet Holegrem for Gonzaga. Those two are on the top of every draft board. Both can be a great addition to the Pistons roster and along with Cunningham could be two great centerpieces for the future. In addition to the pick, teams have shown interest in Jerami Grant. Grant leads the Pistons in scoring and could be a good trade piece for several teams.

Sure, it is a dumpster fire now. However after another good draft and maybe some trades, the Pistons could have a solid foundation. With a solid foundation, Detroit becomes a bit more appealing and could draw some names in free agency, which will lead to a brighter future.

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