All I know is that when I was a kid, we played all sorts of games. Especially all sports games.

For example, I played baseball at a very young age. We also played backyard football all of the time. I loved playing sports with all the guys in the neighborhood.

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When we lived in Delta Township, we made our own baseball field by the woods. It was perfect. It’s just about located where the library on Elmwood is in Delta Township. We mowed the field and put benches in and even lined the base paths.

But all of us played a ton of games at school; we really did. These are the outside games we played. There was tetherball, monkey bars, kickball, red rover, softball, lawn jarts, kite flying, fantastic catch, Frisbee, super balls and just anything to do with throwing, hitting or bouncing a ball.

I will never forget my childhood because of the lifelong friends to this day I’m still tight with like family members. What childhood games did you play that I missed?

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