Now that I have a lot of things changing in my life, I have been reflecting on my youth. I have been very fortunate in my life as a 62 year old man. My upbringing was awesome. My parents instilled in me many things that have helped me growing up, like a strong work ethic, be generous, be helpful and take care of your family.

Hollywood Beach, Florida aka Johnson Beach was and still is my happy place to go. My family had a home in Hallandale, Florida from the time I was born in 1959. We vacationed there three weeks out of the year every year from the time I started school. My mom would get with my teachers at Mt. Hope School, St. Gerard and LCC. They would put three weeks of lessons together for me to do in Florida. Of course, I didn’t complete all of the work until the night before we drove back. But it was great spending time with my other cousins that also would come to that area in Florida.

We would play ball at the recreation center, go to the beach, go to Yankee spring training games and just do a lot of life-long memory activities. I can honestly say I have been blessed.

As I enter 26 years on the radio doing sports radio, I really feel accomplished. I got inducted into the Greater Lansing Hall of Fame this past summer, I spent time working at my family business, DeMarco’s, for years, I graduated from LCC then college at CMU. I’ve put in the work and it has paid off.

Mostly, I miss my parents and family and friends who have passed away over the years. They will always be with me. I have also been very fortunate to marry a women who is just awesome! I will never forget the path to growing up.

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