One topic that comes around a lot in sports is what’s the best number worn? I have talked about this for years. We have done segments on the Mad Dog Show where we talked about the best numbers in sports.

For example, #00 was worn by Oakland Raiders Hall of Famer Jim Otto. Also, what are the best numbers worn period? I really think a lot of these numbers are worn by players all the way back to their playing days in high school.

Magic Johnson wore #32 and #33 in high school, college and with the Lakers. A lot of players are very superstitious about numbers that are worn. Some pros even pay other players for the numbers that they want if they are wearing it.

I wore #6 in high school for my admiration and respect for Hall of Famer and Tiger Hall of Famer Al Kaline. Everyone has a favorite number or numbers that they favor.

The great Wayne Gretzky made #99 famous. The great Walter Payton wore #34.

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I want to know, what's your favorite jersey number? The great owner and marketing genius Bill Veeck was the man that put names on the back of jerseys.

A good trivia question is, what number did Ty Cobb have on the back of his jersey?

(Ty Cobb didn’t have a number because ballplayers didn’t have numbers back then.)

So, what is your favorite number? Or, what ballplayer do you really like and what's the number they have on their jersey?

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