One thing everyone loves with sports is the specific jersey, helmet, hat or sports uniform of their team. I’m talking everyone in the world loves these articles of clothing. From one side of the world to the next. Now that there is no sports from a team standpoint, I thought this would be great topic of conversation.

We are talking colleges, pro teams, minor league teams, soccer teams, the old Negro League baseball league, NFL, NBA, NHL, Nascar, WWE, and many other areas of sports. This has always been a personal love for me. Someone once told me that after you turn 40 you shouldn’t wear team apparel anymore. You know what I say to them? I’ll wear what I want!

Right now before I get into my favorites, send us a message through our station app to let us know your favorite team apparel, helmet, hat, jersey or uniform.

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Now that you've done that, I will tell you mine. In no particular order, these are my top favorite jerseys, hats, uniforms and helmets. First, I absolutely love the Oakland Raiders helmets, the Detroit Tigers hats, the New York Yankees pinstripe uniforms, the Detroit Red Wing and Chicago Blackhawks jerseys, and anything Central Michigan. In the NFL, I'm a fan of the Green Bay Packer and Miami Dolphins jerseys.

I really want people to participate with this post. Tell us your favorite team apparel and other articles of clothing either through the app or in the comments. Or you can head over to our Facebook page and join the conversation there.

No matter female, male, age group, we want to know what do you like and most of all wear in public. Oh yeah, if you're 40 or over, keep wearing you gear. Tell those people...well you get my drift.

Hope all of you like this and please tell us. We want sports back, but in the meantime we're still going to talk about something. Hopefully this can alleviate a little of the boredom until we can watch live sports again.

So, what jersey, helmet, hat, or sports uniform do you like? Don’t forget, there is no right or wrong answer.

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