In the past two years, I’ve learned a lot. So much has happened in this pandemic era.

My wife and I have had to live in two different homes over the course of 18 months. When the Pandemic first started, my wife and I decided we were going to make a life change. So we sold our home in Groesbeck that we loved and bought property in Cedar Bluff, Alabama. We sold our home and then moved into my stepson’s home for 9 months.

After that timeline, we moved into my wife’s aunt and uncle's home. We’ve been there for another 9 months. These 18 months have been something else, but we have really learned how to endure any situation thrown at us. It really has been a learning experience too. Plus, we got our dog, Missy.

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We are absolutely stoked to move to Alabama into our new home. It was always a bucket list of mine to build a home. My dad built two. These have been huge moves in my personal life.

In my professional life on the sales side, I have learned so much about website sales, digital content, SEM, SEO, and programmatic radio. It’s part of the digital age, and it’s a large part of sales in radio and television. I’m 62 and I’m pretty happy about my grasp of this.

The picture in my article is our home being built in Alabama. I’ve learned a lot in the past two years. My last Mad Dog Show will be at One North Restaurant on May 13th from 3 PM to 6 PM. Put it on your calendar!

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