The other day I was wondering what our summer would look like this year.  With the pandemic still in full swing, people have been cooped up in their homes. Whether you have been quarantined or have gone to limited places, I have some solid suggestions for you and your family.

In the Mid-Michigan area, there are a ton of activities for all of you. There is golfing all over, fishing, corn hole, grilling, softball, hiking, biking, kayaking, you name it. My friend Paul Brogan owns River Town Adventures. You and your friends or family can kayak or canoe in our great Lansing area waters. They offer trips down the Grand River and Red Cedar for first time and pro adventurers. They also offer bike and paddle board rentals. If you call (517) 253-7523, tell them Mad Dog’s post sent you there.

But getting back to summer entertainment, there is a lot to do and so many opportunities to get creative. With no fireworks public  displays this summer, you might want put on a little show for you and your family (with the right supervision). Another friend of mine owns Pro Fireworks. They're absolutely the best place to get a variety of fireworks. The problem is the closest place to get them is Grand Rapids. But an hour drive will be worth your time for their selection. Again, tell them Mad Dog’s post got you in the building.

Just remember, even though we’re in a coronavirus pandemic and many things are cancelled, you'll always be able to find something fun to do in our area. There are a ton of things, just get imaginative and creative. What are your favorite summer activities? Let me know.

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