SportsCenter is known for their personalities and their highlights, but they have a big collection of commercials that bring in big time athletes alongside their personalities. Some include the biggest athletes in the world such as LeBron James, Aaron Judge, and others. Which is the best? Closer will give you his Top 5 but feel free to post yours below!


Honorable mention:

Big Time Timmy Jim

NBA Lottery

5. Usain Bolt Has A Slow Work Day
This is one of my favorites for the simplicity of it and the tribute to one of the great Olympic athletes of all-time.

4. Judge Home Run Trot
This is my Yankee fandom coming out but at the time, Judge was on fire and the extra step of putting home run trot on the treadmill was a nice touch.

3. LeBron James - Musical Chairs
LeBron has always been a person who is comfortable in front of the camera but in this commercial, he is looking for the comfort of his "office chair". The line from Scott Van Pelt "Good luck finding your chair LeBron" is one I use often and feel is perfect for the line of the King.

2. Steph Curry Likes His Curry
Steph Curry is grabbing some lunch and gives his thanks for the workers for the curry following a big game, not knowing that they have no idea who he is. This just misses the top spot but it one of my favorites which makes me laugh each time I see it.

1. Scott and Stuart Warming Up
Just before a big show, Scott Van Pelt and Stuart Scott get ready for their broadcast. Pumping each other up and stretching, only to reveal that they are wearing warm-ups disguised as suits. These are two of my favorite anchors and after the passing of Stuart Scott, this jumped up on the list for me. It makes me laugh every time and gives people a look at anchors get pumped up just as much as athletes too.


For the full list of this is SportsCenter commercials, click the link below

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