Major League Baseball is finally going to get going on July 24th. Their Summer Training will begin on July 1st at their teams' stadium. This had become a really serious and tumultuous situation. I kept thinking there was a strike or a lockout. It was neither of the two. It was billionaires haggling with millionaires.

When the pandemic hit the United States, no one thought it would have the magnitude it has had. Spring Training games in Florida and Arizona had already begun. Then, like the other professional sports, everything paused. Well, the NBA and NHL said we’ll play. They were all on the same page to continue when it was finalized. The NBA will play their games all at one venue in Orlando at the Disney site. The NHL will continue their respective season at two cities to be announced.

Now MLB had to be different because their season had not started yet. So the players in March were offered a pro-rated salary and the owners changed their minds because no fans will attend the games and no concessions at the games will be sold. This goes on and on! Finally they all agree on a salary structure and a 60 game schedule.

Bottom line for all the professional and college sports is that it is up Covid-19 and the coronavirus as to whether or not they will continue. If it flairs up and players and staffers get sick, what then? If this happens, every league, team, and college will be affected.

Let’s say Major League Baseball starts as scheduled on July 24th. Then, three weeks into the season, 12 players for a team get the virus and have to be quarantined. Those MLB teams will probably have to use minor league players. It all has to do with the safety and precautionary measures all these teams take. This is going to be unbelievable. I respect the virus, but I don’t fear it! We can only wait and see how this scenario will develop.

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