I am thankful for so many great memories in my life. I have been blessed with a great number of outstanding family members. I am thankful for a great up bringing from my late parents, Corky and Ed DeMarco. I was blessed to be born into a legendary restaurant family called DeMarco's. I was blessed to have some great friends who I grew up with and attended St. Gerard, Lansing Catholic and Central Michigan University. Those were great years growing up and facing the world today.

I have been blessed to be married after 54 years of being a bachelor. My wife Carole is a wonderful lady, who is a very hard worker and a business woman. She has shown me that there is true love in one's life. I am thankful for my stepdaughter Mara Kovac who is a very hard worker and a resourceful lady. Then, there is my stepson Tony who is my wife's partner at Mijo's Diner. He is just one solid cat who took over for is father Mijo Kovac who passed five years ago. Both these people are very special in my life.

I am thankful for my co-workers over the years in every endeavor I have been involved in. My life is solid. I have gone through a lot of heartache over the years, death family squabbles and much more. But, I love my family and friends very much. They make it a pleasure to get up every morning and face the world. I wish everyone to have a great holiday season and a great 2017.

Photo courtesy Bob Every