Yesterday on the Mad Dog Show I asked the listening audience what famous person have they ever had an encounter with. It was a smashing success too, so I am going to carry it over on today’s show.

My greatest encounter was with the former heavyweight champion of the world the one and only Muhammad Ali. Also known as the GOAT. That’s the greatest of all time.

I was lucky enough to be asked by my close friend and mentor Bob Every to go down to Ali’s compound in Berrien Springs, Michigan where the Alis lived at the time. Bob had an in with two sisters that helped the Alis. It was one of the most surreal adventures I ever was exposed to.

It was a planned trip not just an accidental occurrence. We both met Ali, and he was larger than life. We watched him hit a heavy bag and a speed bag too. But the most unbelievable thing that happened was I shared a tuna fish sandwich and grapes with Muhammad Ali. He wouldn’t let me and Bob leave until we ate lunch with him.

He taught me some magic tricks too. It was a day I will remember for the rest of my life. Bob and I also went back to his compound a year later for a visit. So, whom have you ever had a close encounter with that’s a famous person? We want to know! What happened?

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