Just a couple days ago, The Gillespie Group announced plans for a huge development project in downtown Lansing. According to City Pulse, the plan is for "the first hotel to be built in downtown Lansing in more than 20 years." The plan also includes apartments as well as a "mini Meijer grocery store." Right now, these are just plans because some approvals are still needed. But, that got me thinking...

What else could we use in Downtown Lansing?

One thing I had in my hometown growing up was a "dollar theater"; they showed second run movies for a buck or two. The one near my house even had some arcade games you could play. It was a place I loved going to as a teenager because it was something fun I could afford to do and it was always a blast to go with a group of friends! I would love to see some kind of second-run movie theater in the downtown area!

Another thing I think would be cool to have downtown is a White Castle. I know, I know... but hear me out... The closest White Castle to Lansing is all the way in Howell. And, if there was a White Castle downtown, it could be open late for the bar scene!

What are some things you think Downtown Lansing could use? Let me know in the comments below, or on the WITL Facebook!

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