In this day and age, what does it take to be the mayor of Lansing? The current mayor is Andy Schor. He is on his second term. He is Lansing’s 52nd  mayor out of Long Island, NY.

Before being mayor, he was the 68th District in the Michigan House of Representatives. He has had to deal with many intense situations. Like the Pandemic, race relations and just the infrastructure of Lansing, Michigan. Obviously that's not an easy job!

He has handled everything very well. But, there will always be total criticism with that job. For example, when Lansing had the riot over a year ago, people said he didn’t handle it well. What was he supposed to do with a life threatening situation that arose out of nowhere? Andy Schor is a good mayor, and I thought Virg Bernero was also a good mayor. Two polar opposites, but two guys that could get the job done.

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We have had some really different men covet that seat being mayor of Lansing. I still think the best Lansing mayor was the late Gerry Graves. Although, David Hollister is a close second in my book. So, what makes a solid mayor in any town? If Andy Schor ever asked for my input, I really think I could give him some solid advice. But that will never happen.

The main issue is to clean up this city of trash and garbage! This city has a ton of potential.

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