So what do you want to see in the world of sports in 2017? This past year we saw a 108 year drought of the Chicago Cubs finally winning the World Series. This team shocked the sports world. This is just the tip of the sports world's iceberg. I always love the anticipation of what team or player will emerge as a dark horse winner or a Cinderella. Meaning someone or a team that is a sleeper and shocks the world. The sports world thought they would contend but winning a World Series is another story.

Who will win the next Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA Crown, or in the world of golf a Masters? What individuals will rise to the top in their profession? What coaches will be let go and players traded or signed with new teams? What will MSU do to get back in football after an awful past season? This is going to be very intriguing to say the least. Mark Dantonio and his staff can to do this.

So what athletes, coaches, owners, colleges and cities will be the new topic of conversation as household names? I want to see the Detroit Lions shock the world. Let's keep this realistic I have to laugh at that one.

Wild Card Game - Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates
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