With football season now upon us, that means great food dishes. Football just isn't football without great food for tailgating. Yeah, everyone has their own favorite beverage but it's the food that makes it. Across the nation fans live for tailgating. But it's the great dishes that make it. Every area of this country get creative with their food.

Some of the great meals that football fan's bring to their tailgates are just out of this world. Now, I will name some of the delectable food provided. Let's get to it chili, steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, lobster, crab legs, pizza, soups, chips of all sorts, breads, Italian, Mexican dishes, brat's, pulled pork, brisket, sides of all kinds, fruit ,vegetables and chicken wings. These are just a few of the fabulous foods that are at tailgate parties.

People across the nation just live for this time of the year. People get so creative with the process of tailgating. It really has become an art and a science. My personal favorite is all of it. With total moderation. Tailgating has become part of the fabric of this country. There is no doubt that football season at the high school, college and pro level has developed great tailgates. The question is what do you like to devour at tailgate parties?

so much food for the big game
Triple Tri, Flickr

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