In this day and age, everyone collects something. I’ve collected just about everything since I was a little kid. I used to have a solid coin collection, key chains from all over the world and just a ton of other items. But the one thing I always kept was sports cards.

I mostly have baseball cards, but I do have a lot of football cards and other sports cards. I have had them since I collected them right out of the wax pack with bubble gum years ago. The problem is to get these old cards evaluated it costs like $100 a card. But all sports cards have made a huge comeback from the Pandemic.

I have a friend from way back who works for Panini Sports cards in Dallas. But the family owned business is in Italy. He has sent me a ton of new real cool cards. I am very happy that all sports cards have made a comeback.

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Now I really like collecting very rare sports items. I have some real neat sports figurines from Danbury Mint. I have around six of them. They are just beautiful items that are so life like. I probably will add to my collection down the road.

I used to collect sports autographed items but not so much anymore. I also like collecting fishing lures too. So, if you have any of these items just sitting in a closet or basement bring them my way. No, seriously. Everyone collects something, so we want to know: what have or do you collect these days?

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