What defines greatness with athletes, then and now? Like, Lance Armstrong, always under the microscope with his involvement in PEDs. He won seven Tour de France titles but was caught cheating. Tiger Woods also is under the microscope for the destruction in his personal life.

These are just a couple of great athletes in their sport who dominated. But these two cats screwed up badly. Let me give you a laundry list of athletes who fall under this umbrella: Alex Rodriguez, Ty Cobb, O.J. Simpson, Lawrence Taylor, Pete Rose and Denny McClain just to name a few.

These people all dominated their sports at one time or another. But what I'm asking is are they still considered great. Yeah, as an athlete even the drug guys are, but is that pure greatness? Michael Phelps got himself in some trouble but people forget and forgive.

So what defines greatness? I just can't figure it out. Ty Cobb used to want to be introduced as the great Ty Cobb. He died a very hated individual because of his racism and his mean personality. But he was a lifetime .367 hitter.

Greatness has a wide definition to many people. But in this day and age there are many outstanding performers. What defines total greatness?