Today's sports fans can just be out of their minds. What I mean is, some fans come in many likes and dislikes. In Europe, soccer fans have been known to be gassed and out of control. Even to the extent of drunken brawls which has led to many awful things. But, in America the fans are sometimes the same. Whether it be college games of all sports or pro sports in cavernous arenas. Today's fans can be out of their minds.

No matter what age category some fans can be unrealistic with their expectations of their personal teams. I have witnessed many unbelievable fans but college football, NFL and college hoop fans are the most fanatic. I have listened on all the sports radio shows that I have hosted in 21 years. Some fans can just be awesome and some can just go away. But, good, bad and ugly I love passionate fans.

I monitor sports radio shows all over the country and television too. Tailgating in football is absolutely the best thing ever invented. Whether it is high school, college or pro tailgating is greatness. I always love to tailgate at any sporting event. Sports fans will never go away. Just be smart when your in a crowd or beer garden watching sports. Please no fisticuffs or barfing on your friends. Enjoy your teams good or bad.

Seattle Seahawks Fans Gather To Watch The Super Bowl Against The Denver Broncos
David Ryder - Getty Images Sport

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