Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images Sport is one of those websites that pollutes Facebook and social media with click-generating Top Whatever-number posts. They'll sucker you into clicking to find the Top 11 Cute Child Stars Who Look Totally Different, or 15 Celebrity Relationships Doomed To Fail, and what not. You get the picture. Most of their articles and lists have a bit of credence and factual support. But, that viewpoint changed for me today as I clicked on the 10 Most Likely Baseball Steroid Users Never Caught. 

Now, some names on this list have long been tossed around sports circles as potential PED users who have gotten away with it, like Juan Gonzalez and Jose Bautista. But, this overly accusational list seems to, in my opinion, go overboard with citing names without any credible support. Among those finding their way onto this list: Nolan Ryan, Rickey Henderson (both in the Top 5), Cliff Lee and Jacoby Ellsbury.

Remember the days when broadcasters, writers, and reporters were held accountable for making slanderous accusations without factual basis? I do. I remember being suspended from the airwaves in 2004 for merely suggesting that Roger Clemens fits the M.O. for PED users. It's always going to be an interesting, hot-button topic amongst baseball fans. But, where is that line crossed between harmless banter and libelous journalism? Does anybody care anymore? Not likely, until their name is dragged through the mud.