It’s time for Governor Whitmer to reopen restaurants, pubs, diners, bars and all inside eating establishments for good. Enough of this stuff!

Look, I respect hard decisions, but eating establishments need to be reopened at half capacity. These people are losing their businesses and livelihoods. My wife and my stepson lost Mijo’s Diner, an establishment that had been there 21 years because of the Pandemic. So I get it!

But this Pandemic can be contained inside eating establishments if total protocol is fulfilled. The uncertainty of this virus is of Pandemic proportion. But, if you can go in cavernous supermarkets, why can’t you go into an eating establishment at half capacity?

I wish Governor Whitmer would ask my opinion. I would explain to her you are absolutely killing these businesses. The first time I totally understood this decision, but now it’s time to open them back up at half capacity. C’mon this is enough. It’s people who've never been in this line of work who are standing by this bogus decision.

This is what has to be enforced by the eating establishments: every customer cannot enter the facility without a mask. If you complain about it no entry. If you don’t have a mask the establishment will furnish one. If you cause a major stink, law enforcement will be called. The owners will totally sanitize and disinfect their places consistently too. This isn’t brain surgery. Just have rules of protocol and it’s imperative you follow them.

If owners break the rules and are caught, the proper discipline will be taken toward them. Please reopen eating establishments at half capacity immediately.

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