Last weekend, there was real awful violence in the streets of Lansing and neighboring East Lansing. Our city of Lansing is on an upbeat, even with the pandemic. When George Floyd was murdered in the Twin Cities last weekend, it sparked an inferno around this great country. Clashes between police and citizens have gotten out of control. Like I have said, you are always going to have a few rogue police officers in the world. Also, you are always going to have some form of racism.

The police officer and other officers that have been charged with this crime in Minnesota will be dealt with in a timely and proper manner. They are in huge trouble. They deserve any severe punishment handed down to them.

So why then do people around our great country loot, set fires and throw destructive debris? It doesn’t make any sense. The police officers male and female around our country, I’m sure, don’t agree with how they handled the George Floyd situation. So, why do others cause such carnage? It seems to me they just do this to lash out at people who do care and that are on the right side.

So why steal stuff out of stores? What does this have to do with the situation? With people under quarantine and with another race situation those are the ingredients for severe chaos and mayhem. Please, I’m begging you let’s all try and get along.

The police have to all be on the same page, no rogue cowboys allowed anymore. Also, innocent bystanders have to help maintain peace. No looting, shooting, bottle or rock throwing and most of all please don’t burn down these great cities. Lansing has worked with the Bernero group and now the Andy Schor group to make Lansing a super city. Stop the rioting and the madness. It’s senseless violence. Peace! We have a great city, let’s keep going in a positive direction. What do you think?

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