The talented rookie didn't let a thing like losing a shoe stop him from scoring Monday night.

The Detroit Pistons Talented Rookie Has Skills Beyond Hoops

The youthful Detroit Pistons have struggled in the early going of the 2022-23 campaign, but there are signs the team is starting to jell, not the least of which is Jalen Duren's remarkable ability to lose a shoe, put it back on, and then take a pass and score a basket.

Not even Michael Jordan could do that. Somebody should give this kid a shoe deal!

Detroit Pistons Media Day
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The incident was caught on video Monday night's NBA tussle at Little Caesar's Arena in downtown Detroit. The 6 foot, 10 inch center, who was a first round pick by the team, was in the lane looking to set a pick when his shoe came off.

Duren grabbed it, moved out of the way to put it back on, and then went to the basket to receive a pass from guard Killian Hayes, to score an easy layup, all seemingly in one fell swoop.

The Pistons Seem To Be Reaching Their Stride, Face The Celtics Next

The young Pistons have struggled out of the gate to a 3-6 record, but it's early, and they'll find out more of what they're made of Wednesday night when they take on the defending Eastern Conference champion Celtics in the Boston Garden.

The Pistons already own a win over the World Champion Golden State Warriors so far this season.

With plays like this one, the Pistons may be a fun team to watch this season.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Detroit Pistons
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