If you were to believe Twitter (and I for one, don't), Lions fans are divided on whether they should be rooting for ex-Lion QB Matthew Stafford in the NFL playoffs.

But being on the fence in sports is a joyless world. You have to commit to feel the experience of sweet, sweet fandom.

Here's one Detroit Lions fan who never forgot what Matthew gave us in his 12 seasons in Detroit. He's gone all in in his commitment to number nine, even wearing an old school black Lions jersey with Matthew's number nine on it as he watched Stafford's new team, the Los Angeles Rams blow a huge lead Sunday, only to come back and win thanks to Stafford's heroics.

ESPN posted a video of an unnamed lions fan who went absolutely nuts Sunday watching his hero put the Rams on his back and win a tight playoff contest in Tampa Bay.

Subtitles and posted to TikTok by his girlfriend, the video is title 'when your boyfriend is a Lions fan but would literally die for Stafford.'

NOTE: You should never want to die for a sports figure.

This, my friends, is what intense commitment looks like:

Whoa! That dude was into it.

By the way, lest we forget that Matthew had some similar magic moments in Motown, here's one that was freakishly similar:

Of course, all he has to overcome this weekend against the 49ers in the NFC title game is the fact that Jimmy Garrapolo has owned the Rams the last three years.

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