Below, read the story of one of my experiences during this blizzard...but first:

Someone did a nice job compiling these pictures of the huge blizzard that swept Jackson (and most of Michigan) in 1978…

Do you recognize any of these people? Friends, neighbors, neighborhoods, streets and businesses are all seen in these remarkable pictures that visualize what we went through in that blizzard.

It shows that we in Michigan know how to cope when weather like this hits…

Click the above video and see pictures of:
W. Wilkins Street
Summit Lanes Bowling Alley
Downtown area
Mechanic Street
Jackson Street
Cortland Street
Progress Place
South Street
...and more areas you'll recognize, as well as some of your neighbors.

When this blizzard hit, I was living in a cottage on Gillett's Lake. When the storm was over, my car was COMPLETELY much so, you couldn't even see the OUTLINE of a car - it just looked like a big snow drift and you wouldn't even know there was a car under that mass.

I was living alone at the time, and I was out of food...hadn't been to the store yet. So I called a co-worker - who I thought was a friend - who lived across the lake and asked if it was OK if I walked over and borrowed some food.
"No!" was the reply.
"No?" I asked.
"No!" was again uttered.
"Look, all I need is anything...a can of peas or whatever just to get me through."
"I'll pay you if that's what it'll take."
I was absolutely refused anything...even cookies, crackers, gum...nothing. Fine friend.

So I bundled up and began walking down the road in un-plowed, knee-deep snow to Williams Truck Stop to get some food. When I finally got there I ordered a few sandwiches to take back that would hold me over until the roads became clear.

To this day I can't understand why this person wouldn't even sell me a lousy cracker...or coffee.

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