In Mackinaw City, you'll find a tiny museum. Well, more accurately, it's a museum for tiny things.

The Wacky Taxidermy and Miniatures Museum will probably be the most unique museum you visit. Inside, you'll find miniatures, tiny taxidermy, dioramas, and a lot more.

According to, the museum was a pandemic project. While most of us were binge-watching Tiger King, Brandon and Julie Howey, the couple behind the Wacky Taxidermy and Miniatures Museum, were making miniature replicas by hand. They apparently wanted to emulate "Main Street USA" and created a miniature movie theater, bar, and a lot more.

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Recently, a woman named Emily Cowell shared a few pictures from inside the Wacky Taxidermy and Miniature Museum to the Facebook group Hidden in the Mitten Fun which immediately caught my attention. For the puns alone, it feels like it would be worth a visit. Emily has allowed me to share those photos here (thank you!). Check them out:

Inside the Wacky Taxidermy and Miniature Museum in Mackinaw City

What started as a passion project during the pandemic has blossomed into a museum that you can visit in person in Mackinaw City.

MaDOEnna is still killing me, honestly. If you can't make it up to Mackinaw City and want to see more, the Youtube Channel, The Carpetbagger, did an in-depth tour back in 2020:

However, if you are heading to Mackinaw City and want to see the wackiness for yourself, admission is only $5. Generally, they're open from 12 pm to 5 pm but, you can find the hours and address for the Wacky Taxidermy and Miniatures Museum on their Facebook page.

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