Spring is one of the more dramatic transformations for Lake Michigan. A local photographer was able to perfectly capture the transition in a series of videos.

Many of us that live near Lake Michigan tend to take for granted just how beautiful the big lake can be as the icy grip of winter begins to loosen and the warm temperatures usher in Spring. Photographer Joshua Nowicki is a true artist. The stunning videos he created are true masterpieces of art.

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The first video was taken on March 4, 2021, along Lake Michigan in the City of Saint Joseph. Joshua waded into the lake and captured the stunning and seldom seen view of Lake Michigan's ice breaking up and melting using a GoPro attached to the end of a pole.

The second video was taken the next day, on March 5, 2021. He returned once again to Saint Joseph, Michigan for an equally beautiful masterpiece.

This third video was captured on Sunday, March 7. Photographer (and true artist) Joshua Nowicki was back along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Saint Joseph, Michigan. This time capturing a break in the ice along the shore.

The peaceful ethereal videos remind me that after the year we have all had, winter will once again transition into Spring. The muddied ice and snow will give way for spring flowers and budding trees. For those of us that have been cooped up all winter, the promise of sunshine and warmer days is just within reach.


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