There are some people who LOVE snakes. There are some that don't care for them. And then there is the category that I fall in, and that category is HELL NO!

We don't have a ton of nope-ropes in Michigan that are very dangerous.

Just a few!

Luckily for us Michigan residents, we don't have a ton of venomous critters lurking in the backroads of Michigan.

What Kind of Snakes Could You Find In Lansing?

Let's be honest here. You're not going to find a ton of open space in Lansing for a snake to live comfortably. However, you are still going to run into a few different species of snakes while in the capital area.

There might be a chance you could run into a rattlesnake, although those chances are slim, but not impossible!

Did You Know You Can Find This Venomous Snake In Lansing?

From venomous to maybe cute, Lansing does have a snake you can run into that could be rather fatal. Take a look at all the snakes you could run into, in Lansing.

Local Hikers Spot Rattlesnake In Lansing

While I cannot verify the actuality behind the post, I did see posted on Facebook a picture of an Eastern Massagasu Rattlesnake on a trail here in Lansing. It seems as if the snake made it a little ways away from home. However, I couldn't find much other information on the sighting.

Other Dangerous Critters In Michigan

Let's not forget snakes aren't the only scary thing in Michigan. Take a look at these dangerous critters.

Michigan's Deadliest Animals & Critters

You may have even seen a few of these in your home or around the state.

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Looking for something to binge? We've assembled a list of 15 documentaries that focus on some of Michigan's worst human beings - Murderers.

Even Michigan's beautiful north is safe from crime, as two of the cases spotlight cases from the Upper Peninsula.

Three women, including one from Flint make the list, along with two former police officers.

Some of the videos below are also available on Peacock and Hulu.

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