The Vegas Golden Knights are heading to the Stanley Cup final in their inaugural season.

Really think about that for a moment.

An expansion team that was given 500-1 odds in the preseason to win the cup and had an over/under point total of 68.5 (they hit way over at 109 this season) is four wins away from winning it all.

You would be hard pressed to find someone who could honestly say they saw this coming and yet now the entire hockey world is on the precipice of something never been seen before in major sports, an expansion team winning it all in year one.

The only other time an expansion team made the final of its sport was 50 years ago when the St. Louis Blues advanced to the 1968 Stanley Cup final. However, that was the year that the NHL doubled its league size and split up its divisions between the original six and the expansion six, guaranteeing a new team a shot at the Cup.

Vegas was given no such guarantee and yet they are currently shocking the world. They await their opponent in the Cup final between the Lightning and the Capitals. Currently Tampa Bay leads that series 3-2.

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