The folks over at SB Nation have outdone themselves this time.

On Wednesday, they rolled out their "Bull**** Draft Scouting Report Generator," a fun tool that combines football vernacular with silly flaws to create a random scouting report.

All you have to do is enter your name and click generate--the generator takes care of the rest.

For example, here's what it came up with for Tim Staudt:

Tim Staudt has the inside technique to smell a DB's fear, but scouts say his sixth toe could be an issue.

And for Mad Dog:

David "Mad Dog" DeMarco has the natural ability to wrestle an earthworm, but scouts say As Seen On TV purchases could be an issue.

How about for Brock:

Brock Palmbos has the football equipment to cheat for the Patriots, but scouts say selfies could be an issue.

And for me:

Brandon Howell has the glute burst to dodge a wrench, but scouts say night blindness could be an issue

Get your bull**** scouting report here.