Ever hear of Black Creek?

A few miles north of Detroit there's a fat little peninsula that sits on the west shore between Lake St. Clair and Anchor Bay. Black Creek runs right thru this chubby peninsula (which looks like a dog's head on satellite maps) and spills out of the “dog's” mouth into the lake near L'Anse Creuse Bay. Black Creek is only two or three miles long...and right in the middle it forms into a small lake, split in two with a worm-shaped island.

From the top western end of Black Creek to the very tip at Lake St. Clair, there are numerous objects that sit at the bottom. Some are ships, some are undecipherable, some may be sand bars...and some look like whole ships with sail masts still intact. There's a couple of those that look like old pirate ships, although I doubt it...just sailboats, I bet.

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There's one that looks like a submerged flying saucer, another like storage barges, and one like a double crow's nest, along with little motorboats and whole ships...and some I just plain can't tell what the heck they are.

To me, the wrecks and sunken ships in Lake St. Clair are quite a surprise...I didn't realize there were SO many. Anyone who can identify some of these objects are welcome to share.

I scoured the satellite map to find as many as I could, and made the photo gallery below to show you what these USO's - unidentified submerged objects - look like.

The Unidentified Submerged Objects of Black Creek


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