The Detroit Tigers are now preparing for the 2016 upcoming season. I worship all era's in professional baseball. But, I want all the young baseball fan's to know who this great player was. His name is Tyrus Raymond Cobb. His nickname was "The Georgia Peach", was a baseball immortal. Cobb played 24 seasons mostly with Detroit Tigers and a few with the Philly A's.

Ty Cobb retired with a .367 batting average, the highest in the history of MLB. Ty Cobb became part of the first class of baseball's Hall of Fame. Cobb's best season was 1911, when he led the league in every batting category except home runs. That year he batted a career high.420, he was also a demon on the base paths. Cobb used to file his cleats and spike opposing players when he would run and steal bases. He was a much hated man when he played and after he retired.

Ty Cobb also managed the Tigers from 1921-26. He won 12 batting titles, including 9 in a row. Cobb is only second to Pete Rose in career hits with 4,191. He also batted over .400 three times. This man was absolutely amazing. That's why I want all the young baseball fans to know Ty Cobb's accomplishments. In my books he will always be one of the all-time greats.