This is to all the younger cats out there in sports land: If you don't know who Tyrus Raymond Cobb is you don't know your history of sports.

Ty Cobb was known as the Georgia Peach. Ty Cobb may have been the best all-around baseball player ever. Cobb perhaps was the most competitive and intense personality ever to play professional baseball.

Ty Cobb was born in Narrows, Georgia in 1886 and he died in Atlanta, Georgia in 1961. Cobb set many records and earned the highest percentage of votes in the first Hall of Fame election. Ty Cobb had a very tumultuous childhood. Which I believed molded this man into somewhat of a malcontent individual. He once pistol whipped a butcher in Detroit for giving his wife a bad piece of meat.

Ty Cobb had 4191 total hits; only one man had more Pete Rose. His lifetime batting average was .366. That is absolute pure greatness. Cobb debuted with the Detroit Tigers in 1905, and his last MLB appearance was in 1928 with the Philadelphia Athletics. He had so many achievements on the field it's ridiculous to list them. Let’s just say when he retired he was credited with setting 90 MLB records.

Ty Cobb played baseball in a very fierce manor. He would sharpen his cleats before games and slide into infielders and cut them up. There will never be another Tyrus Raymond Cobb Ever.