When your talking about intense athletes in the history of professional sports, one man stands head and shoulders above the crowd. This man is regarded as the greatest baseball player of all-time, his name is Tyrus Raymond Cobb.

Ty Cobb played 23 years in the major's. Most of his career was spent in Motown with the Tigers. He had an enormous career there. It was during  the auto boom and Cobb was in the middle of it. Ty Cobb was really disliked by everyone he came in contact with. Not exactly the most fun guy to be around. His wife once got a bad piece of meat from the butcher , went back down to the butcher shop and pistol whipped that butcher.

Ty Cobb was a baseball icon and like I said considered by many as the greatest player who ever lived. The 2014 season is right around the corner, new manager, some new players, but the same old English D. There are three players who will always be immortal playing in Detroit, Cobb, Kaline, and Cabrerra. This season is going to be great, expectations will be high once again to get back to the World Series.