This year's World Series has pitted two wild card teams against each other. These two teams are the Kansas City Royals versus the San Francisco Giants. Both teams play hard and gritty baseball. Both teams have players who give it all on the field. Both teams deserve more than any other team to be there.

Kansas City is led by there manager Ned Yost, who grew up in the Bay area. In the other dugout the Giants are led by their manager who has won two World Series crowns already Bruce Bochy. Both managers were catchers in the Major's. Also, both teams have superstar's the Royals have star's like Hosmer, Gorden, Shields, Cain and Butler. The Giants have Bumgardner, Sandoval, Posey, Pence, and Panik.

This year's Series might not be a TV ratings grabber, but these two teams have captivated the baseball world. I just want solid baseball all around, with pitching and clutch hitting. These two teams are built with players that play old-time baseball, and I really like their brand of baseball. Kansas City hasn't been to the World Series since the George Brett days, and San Francisco has won two crowns in a very short period. Well, tonight is game six and the Giants can close the Royals out tonight. If it goes to a seventh game, the heck with the television ratings.