Do these lucky people not want their money? Because if that's the case, I'll gladly take it off their hands...

Just two days after Michigan's $310.5 million Powerball winner finally came forward (it seemed like it took forever for the jackpot to be claimed), yet another large sum of money stands unclaimed. This time, the Lansing State Journal tells us, it's from two separate MSU Football 50/50 raffles.

During MSU football games, MSU Athletics holds a 50/50 raffle, and winners typically net around or just over $20,000 per raffle. However, the 50/50 winners of the Oregon game and the Central Michigan University game stand to win just a bit more than that. Winners will collect $32,482.50 and $26,790 respectively. That's almost $60,00 that's just waiting to be claimed.

If you were at one of those games and bought 50/50 raffle tickets, you could be quite a bit richer pretty soon. Check your ticket numbers... The winning ticket number from the Oregon game is A348344 and the winning ticket number from the CMU game is C172065. If you're a winner, click HERE to get the information you need to claim your winnings!