In Michigan, we are all about that "lake life". We buy lakefront property, take our vacations on the lake, go fishing, swim, and enjoy a multitude of other activities, too. I mean, with a nickname like "The Great Lakes State," of course we do. This is what makes this even sadder to type...

Michigan has two of the most polluted lakes in America.

Two Michigan Lakes in the Top 10 Most Polluted Lakes in the United States

I know, absolutely heartbreaking. According to Discover Amazing Animals, not only did two of our great lakes make the list of 10 most polluted in the United States, but they're polluted enough to make it into the top 5 as well.

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Sitting at number four is Lake Michigan.


30 million residents live within Lake Michigan's Great Lake Basin and would have to say goodbye to all those lake activities we love if something detrimental were to ever happen to Lake Michigan. Thankfully, "The federal government presented new restrictions and laws that will control state industries and waters surrounding and potentially polluting the lake – waters such as the Detroit River."

Making the list at number three is Lake Erie.

Toledo, Ohio Contends With Contaminated Tap Water For Third Day
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That's a picture of Lake Erie when the algae was so bad that residents in that area had to stop drinking the tap water for two days because of algae-related toxins.

Thankfully, we're working to make Lake Erie better, as "environmental regulations have resulted in a significant improvement in water quality and the reintroduction of economically important fish species like walleye and other biological life."

All in all, our Great Lakes provide so much life that we need to keep them clean and safe. It's sad to see them on this list of most polluted lakes in America. Let's do our part to keep the Great Lakes clean and enjoyable for all!

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