You know how Walmart Wolverines like to bring up Michigan State's couch-burning and rioting incidents from years gone by?

Turns out they're not above reproach--who knew?!

Multiple reports out of Ann Arbor say authorities are dealing with several fires, as well as a lot of drunken fighting. And this is all after what happened on the football field Saturday.

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Michigan appeared to have No. 7 Michigan State defeated, until the Wolverines muffed a long snap on a punt and the Spartans scored with no time left, winning 27-23 after trailing the entire game until that point.

Here's a video of the finale:

And that led to this:

And then there's this guy, who really showed that "class" Michigan fans always talk about MSU not having:

I bet his parents are real proud right now, after he treated ESPN's camera and millions of viewers on live TV to the one-finger salute.

Spartan fans, don't ever let some smug Michigan fan lecture you about classiness or couch burning, etc. Their behavior today (and plenty of times in the past, too) shows just how megalomaniacal they are: they cast judgments down from their imaginary ivory towers from some fantasized place of false moral integrity.

And THAT is the true Michigan Difference.

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