Battle Creek is no place to train for a triathlon in January. That didn't stop this guy from donning a Speedo in the snow.

Most would say a Winter triathlon in Michigan is Netflix, beer and the couch, not swimming, biking, and running. Brandon Van Oosten is committed to his training regimen and didn't let record-breaking cold stop him from getting his workout in. Van Oosten studied Clinical Exercise Science at Grand Valley State University and even though the polar vortex cancelled classes at his alma mater, he stuck to his intense triathlon training schedule of swimming, biking and running.

Watch as he toes the starting line, clad in only a swim cap, Speedo, goggles and sneakers in the sub-zero temperatures. He dives into the snowbank and "swims" a few strokes before he hits the transition area, trading the cap for a bike helmet and pedaling through the parking lot. After a half-dozen revolutions, he ditches the bike and runs to the finish line.

This video is only 39 seconds long but you'll be freezing after watching it.

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