Shortstop Alan Trammell and Pitcher Jack Morris have both been elected to the Pro Baseball Hall of Fame on the Modern Baseball Era Ballot.

The 16 member committee met on Sunday in Florida during the first day of the Winter Meetings to decide if any of the 10 players listed on their ballot deserved enshrinement.

The Modern Era Committee deals with players who's careers started between 1970 and 1987. Members were allowed to vote for a maximum of four players.

The top vote getters were as follows, with 75% (12 votes) needed to get in.

Jack Morris (14 votes)

Alan Trammell (13 votes)

Ted Simmons (11 votes)

Marvin Miller (7 votes)

Morris' eligibility on the BBWAA ballot expired in 2014, Trammell exhausted his eligibility in 2016.

Trammell's spent all 20 of his years as a player in the MLB with the Tigers and put up a .285 batting average with 185 home runs and 1,003 RBIs. He won four gold gloves in his career and was apart of six all-star games. As a shortstop his career fielding percentage was .977 and he was in the top 10 for his position for most of his time in the bigs. Trammell was the 1984 World Series MVP with Detroit.

Morris spent 14 of his 18 years in the MLB with Detroit and amassed a career record of 254-186 with an ERA of 3.90 and nearly 2,500 strikeouts. He pitched 175 complete games and was selected to five all-star games. In 1983 he was the American League leader in strikeouts and innings pitched, and in 1991 he was the World Series MVP for Minnesota.

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