Have you ever been on a road-trip and saw an exit sign for a city and said to yourself, "that's a goofy name for a city"?

You're not alone. I do it all of the time. In the state of Michigan we have a lot of cities, villages and townships. According to wikipedia:

According to the 2020 United States Census, Michigan is the 10th most populous state with 10,077,331 inhabitants and the 22nd largest by land area spanning 56,538.90 square miles (146,435.1 km2) of land.[1] Michigan is divided into 83 counties and contains 1773 municipalities consisting of cities, villages and townships.[2] Specifically, Michigan has 276 cities, 257 villages, and 1,240 townships.

That's a lot of towns and plenty of opportunities for funny city names. Of course we have cities like Colon and Climax. Colon is obviously a body part and the kid in us laughs at "climax". Luckily there are at least fifteen other towns in Michigan that make for good laughs too.

When I started my radio career in Lansing, I used to get calls from Ovid. I still do. Everytime I hear or read the word "Ovid" I say the same thing in my head, "ooowww, that hurt my Ovid". I didn't stop there. Towns like Elsie also make for good banter.

Let's dive into Michigan town names that could pass as potential body parts.

Michigan Town Names That Sound Like Body Parts

Alpena, MI - the "Alpena" is likely in the abdomen and plays second fiddle to the appendix.

Benzonia, MI - the "Benzonia" might be a vertebrae.

Coloma, MI - the "Coloma" could be a chest muscle, if you got hit by a fastball you would say, "that 98 mph fastball hit me square in my Coloma".

Daggett, MI - your "Daggett" might be a small tendon in your knee.

Elsie, MI - the "Elsie" has everything to do with digestion, "I need more water, my Elsie is slowmoving".

Galien, MI - I envision my "Galien" as something that has to do with dental work.

Ishpeming, MI - "Ishpeming" could be a dry skin situation, "Can I please get some ointment for my Ishpeming? It's inflamed."

Kaleva, MI - the "Kaleva" could be a part of your shoulder, "I threw out my Kaleva throwing the javelin".

Metamora, MI - this might be more of a psychadelic condition, "whoa, my Metamora has been beautiful".

Oscoda, MI - much like the gallbladder, the "Oscoda" is a helpful organ but not necessary.

Ovid, MI - your "Ovid" is an abdomen muscle, you might pull your "Ovid" from laughing too hard.

Sebewaing, MI - you'll know it when your "Sebewaing" goes out. It's in the knee and it'll hurt.

Tekonsha, MI - I'm thinking the "Tekonsha" is a bone in the wrist.

Ubly, MI - I see the "Ubly" as being a digestive organ.

Wixom, MI - Your "Wixom" could very well be in your brain, "not using your Wixom today, I see".

Michigan Towns Named After Other Places

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