Torii Hunter, outfielder for the Detroit Tigers, has really paid dividends since the Tigers signed him last season.

Hunter came through the Twins organization where he had an outstanding career, then he became a free agent and joined the Angels and continued to be a great player.

What I don't understand is when are these teams going to see this is a special ballplayer. The Angels turned their backs on him, he signs with Detroit for two years and an option. Well, they better pick up the third year because even at 39 years old this cat can still play. And he is a great mentor to all the young players.

Torii Hunter is an enigma, he has always been a very solid ballplayer yet the Twins and the Angels let him walk. The Tigers have to pick up his option--that's no option. He is an excellent teammate with a million-dollar smile.

Hunter might be a shade under Hall of Fame status, but in my mind he gives 100 percent all of the time and it rubs off on the rest of the team. The Tigers have a new look with a new manager and a few new players, but they still are one if not the best teams in the American League. Torii Hunter is one of the reasons why!