Planning the perfect wedding day takes lots of time, patience, and writing a lot of checks. But once you make it to that perfect special day, nothing else matters.

Sure you could hire a wedding planner to help organize your special day, or you and your significant other can take some time to plan out the perfect wedding day and with that comes all the memories of a lifetime.

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There are so many romantic Michigan Wedding Venues you need to know about, courtesy of intriguephotography.

Let me start out with one of my favorite wedding day locations here in Michigan:

1. Dusty's English Inn. Dusty's is located on S. Michigan Rd. in Eaton Rapids. That's where my wife Lori and I were married back in 2008. We couldn't have asked for a more special beautiful wedding day. We were married on the outdoor patio surrounded by family, friends, and the most beautiful flowers. We would do it all over again. It was wonderful.

2. Castle Farms. Here's another great choice if you're planning a wedding in the near future. Castle Farms is located in Charlevoix on M-66 North. People love this place because of all the history it has to offer. If you're looking for a Castle to be married in, then this place is perfect for you.

3. Crystal Mountain. Located in Thompsonville, this is another very romantic choice when it comes to weddings and receptions. This is such a beautiful area and the perfect wedding spot for breathtaking pictures for the wedding party and family members. Family can actually stay at the resort while everyone enjoys the beautiful northern scenery.

4. Willowbrook Mill. I can honestly say I've never been to Willowbrook Mill but I've heard many great things about the area. It's located on Mill street in Northport.

Intrigue photography tells us:

If you want something straight out of a storybook, then you need to host your wedding ceremony here.

5. Mackinac Island. Incredible! It doesn't get any better than being married on beautiful Mackinac Island. You've got the Grand Hotel along with some very breathtaking pictures for your photo album. Carriage rides for the wedding couple as well as the wedding party. This could be one of the most incredible wedding celebrations ever on Mackinac Island. Take a look at

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