Hardest-working. Toughest. Best.

There are no superlatives left to describe Tom Izzo--they've all been used time and again.

Many were surprised when Izzo led Michigan State to a victory over Virginia on Sunday, advancing the Spartans to the Sweet 16. We really shouldn't have been at all surprised, given all the great runs Izzo has engineered over the years in March.

But watch his pregame speech to his team below, and you'll see exactly why Michigan State outplayed Virginia. (WARNING: You may get a little misty-eyed when Izzo recollects on his seniors' first game, back in 2011 on an aircraft carrier).

After hearing Tom Izzo's pre-game speech, it's not a big surprise that the Michigan State Spartans upset Virginia.

Posted by CBS Sports on Thursday, March 26, 2015